Why move to Delano, MN?


Here's what the Delano Chamber of Commerce has to say about this great city:


Delano prides itself in a “Spirit of Community” growing at a steady but limited pace to retain the “small town” atmosphere. The City of Delano is growing steadily. Several new housing developments have been completed within the last three years, and more are currently under construction. Real estate prices are very reasonable, and the city boasts one of the lowest tax rates in Minnesota.


Delano, Minnesota is a community with a lot of promise. The city is growing commercially as well as residentially. New commercial and industrial entities continue to move to Delano and bring with them new employment opportunities and a greater selection of goods and services for area residents. Residential growth is restricted to 160 homes per year in order to maintain the quality of the developments, and to guarantee municipal services are not burdened beyond their capacity. There is an industrial park on the east end of the city off Hwy 12 at 7th Avenue and a new industrial park is planned for the northwest corner of the city west of the theater. The historic downtown is being rejuvenated through the restoration efforts of the current and future business owners, encouraged by concerned citizens.


Delano public schools are some of the best our state has to offer, here are some statistics from the Delano Public Schools:


• In Reading, 73% of our students met or exceeded the standards in grades 3 through 10. This far exceeds the statewide average of 58%.


• 81% of Delano students grades 3-8 and grade 11 met or exceeded standards on the Mathematics test. At the state level, only 61% achieved this success.


• In Writing, the average score was 3.9, while the state average was 3.4. This test is given to all students in grade 9. The state passage rate was 88%, compared with our 9th grade passage rate of 99% on their first attempt.


•Our ACT average is 24.2, once again topping the state average of 23.


District 879 is proud of the many awards and recognitions we have received:


Delano Elementary:


• Designated a 2012 Reward School by the Minnesota Department of Education.


• Received Minnesota School of Excellence Award in 2008 from the Minnesota Elementary School Principals Association. Delano Elementary was one of only six Minnesota schools to receive this award.


• Ranked a Minnesota Five Star School in 2006.


Delano Middle School:


• In 2003, awarded the National Blue Ribbon School Award for educational excellence by the U.S. Department of Education.


• In 2012, DMS received National Recognition for its Gateway to Technology (GTT) Program. This is the middle school program of Project Lead the Way, the nation’s leading provider of STEAM education.


Delano High School:


• Awarded the National Blue Ribbon School Award in 2009. Delano High School was one of six schools in Minnesota to receive this award.


• In 2006, DHS received the Minnesota Academic Excellence Foundation School Spotlight Award.


• In 2007 and again in 2010, Delano High School was designated a Model School by the International Center for Leadership in Education.


• For several years, Delano High School has also been recognized as one of America’s Best High Schools from US World News and Report magazine.


• DHS is ranked a Minnesota Five Star School in Math and Reading.


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